Lionhead is showing off Flair in its latest “Heroes of Albion” feature series for Fable Legends. As we can see in the video, Flair appears to be a very flexible character with a strong skillset. Not only can she fire three arrows from her bow at once, she can also light these arrows on fire. In short, Flair is an arsonist.

If however you want to be a massive show-off then you can always throw some tar ahead of you and then shoot that with an arrow to create a fire in the distance with Flair. Oh, and she can also breathe fire. And arsonist and a dragon. I wouldn’t go anywhere near her.

Oh and she can also make herself invisible but this is just getting silly now. Check out the video for yourself below and let us know how excited you are for Fable Legends as well as which character’s you’re looking forward to using.


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