Paradox Interactive just released the first expansion for their hit game Cities Skylines, titled Cities Skylines After Dark, along with a patch that will allow all players of the game to get some additional content.

If you choose not to spend the money on the expansion, you still have received new content via a patch released yesterday. This patch adds a slew of new content including 70 free zoned buildings, a new day and night cycle, reworked crime system and economy and more. The infographic above goes into a little more detail about what you can get for free.

Besides getting all the free content through the patch, the After Dark expansion adds expanded city services such as taxi and cargo hubs, leisure and tourist specialization, and adds special day/night content and more for only $14.99.

All of these additions will not have an effect on the game’s system requirements. Although the expansion is currently only available for PC, Paradox have stated an Xbox One version is in the works.

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