Activision seems to be in the business of polishing turds this coming season. As announced by a tweet sent out through GameStop’s official Twitter handle, Activision is planning on releasing their latest comic book title, Deadpool, to the PS4 and Xbox One. The game will launch on November 17th for only $50 USD. With it, the game will also contain the original game’s DLC, two additional levels, and some extra costumes for Deadpool to try out.

Activision seems to be in the habit of quietly releasing older games for the current generation, having just released Prototype HD without any sort of promotion. The decision might have something to do with their decision to bring Deadpool back to Steam last month, as well as the positive reception that the most recent Comic Con brought to the Ryan Reynolds Deadpool movie. Deadpool was criticized by many games sites for having function-but-lackluster combat, as well as most of the quips Deadpool repeats become more stagnant than a…well a dead pool.

Did you enjoy Deadpool? Rather just keep him in the comics? Shout out in the comments!

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