With the release of Destiny’s Taken King expansion just days away, and with the 2.0 update downloaded and ready to go, the fact that Mayhem mode is now available in the game’s Crucible is like sprinkles on my giant chocolate sundae.

(You can see some footage of the gameplay here, if you haven’t just scrambled to your console to have a look for yourself.)

The idea of ‘Mayhem’ is well… Mayhem. Everything you thought you knew about the Crucible and normal shooter rules, no longer apply. Your equipment, ammo and Super ability recharge ridiculously quick, leading to fast paced hide-and-destroy. From my experience, it’s all about getting your Super to recharge and then going full kamikaze.

This game mode may not be a long term option though, as lead designer Lars Bakken said last month that they want to get feedback on it from fans. You should also note that ‘Mayhem’, along with new modes ‘capture-the-flag’ and ‘Rift’ are only playable by everyone until The Taken King launches next week; then they’ll be exclusive to those who buy the expansion.



Bungie described it as a ‘party game’ that’s not supposed to be taken too seriously, so go have some fun with it.

If you’re not planning on buying The Taken King expansion, which launches September 15th for $40, take advantage of this free week. For those of you who are… See you in the Crucible, Guardians.


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