divinity original sin 2_2
When Divinity: Original Sin hit last year it garnered highly positive reviews quickly making it Larin Studios most popular game to date selling 160,000 copies within the first week alone. A sequel, no doubt, was not far away.

Less than one week ago Larin Studios announced they are starting a Kickstarter for Divinity: Original Sin 2 that will mimic the original. According to the developers, the game is already funded so it technically doesn’t need any more money; however, the ideas they put into the game can be stretched and built upon to provide players with an even better experience. Therefore, this Kickstarter, much like the original, will be only for stretch goals alone.

The response has been great thus far with over $1,200,000 already being raised in a little under a week, but they still have a couple of goals to hit if you want to add your funds to the cause. As an added bonus, all backers will get Alpha and Beta access via Steam! This, and the addition of a uservoice forum where players can drop ideas and suggestions about the game, is to help the developers get as much feedback on their game as possible so that they can create the best experience possible, something they hope to mimic from the original.

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