Entitled ‘Trespasser,’ the final piece of story DLC for Dragon Age: Inquisition, announced only recently at PAX Prime, picks up two years after the main game and focuses on just what a world saving organization does after the world has been saved. Out now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC for $15, the DLC is meant as an epilogue of sorts for the third Dragon Age game, bringing closure to the story and hinting at things to come.

Centered around a Qunari invasion, the DLC will look at the effect the Inquisition has had on the world, and whether or not the world even still wants the Inquisition. Speaking with Gamespot, the game’s creative director Mike Laidlaw said, “I find it’s effective when you create a tension out of these opposing ideas… On the one hand, you’re asking yourself, ‘Are these heroes necessary anymore?” But then you see something new happen, and it’s, ‘Wait, we kind of are. Who else is equipped to deal with trauma like we are?’”

Speaking to the future, Laidlaw said, “I don’t exactly know what’s next. We always have ideas. But right now, with Trespasser, at least we have closure.”

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