After a hard fought series, Fnatic have emerged victorious in the SEA qualifiers for the ESL One New York.  They defeated MVP Phoenix by 3-2 in the finals in order to secure their place in the main event in New York.

Both Fnatic and MVP Phoenix were dominant over the other teams in the qualifiers, with Fnatic reaching the finals without a single loss.  Both sides played very definitive styles, with Fnatic opting for a four protect one approach, while MVP favored a five man style.  Fnatic’s late game reliance suited Black^, who usually prefers playing hard carries.  Typically the rest of the team would play aggressively during the mid game in order to create space for Black^ and secure his farm.

This style proved to be successful, and with this victory Fnatic will join  Virtus.Pro, Evil Geniuses, Secret, CDEC and Vega among others at the main event.  The ESL One NY LAN event will take place on the 3rd and 4th of October.

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