Cliff Bleszinski, former lead designer of Gears of War, has stood by his team, Boss Key, and Nexus’ decision for a free-to-play model for his next game, LawBreakers. The final details for monetization of the game are not yet completed. Boss Key and Nexus are still working on how exactly it will work. One thing is for certain, though, Bleszinski stands by the free-to-play model regardless of the bad reputation it garners from gamers.

He told GameInformer, “We’re still playing around with the monetization model. We want it to be positive. A lot of core gamers hear free-to-play and it’s like feeding a child asparagus. There is a bad reputation to it and I get it.”

He later added, “”And we’re not ready to rule out the idea that maybe if you give us $20 bucks and you can have early access and then when the game launches you get a special pack that other people pay $20 bucks for. How you do free-to-play is unique for each product, and we want do to do it in a good way that makes gamers happy. We’re open to unique ideas for how we get this game to market.”

Bleszinski left Epic Games in 2012 and decided against joining the Coalition to make Gears of War 4. Instead, he started a new studio, Boss Key Productions, and began development on LawBreakers. It was revealed at PAX Prime with a gameplay trailer to good reviews. While the focus is on creating a PC version, Bleszinski said he is open to bringing the game to consoles some day.


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