Polyphony Digital, the developers hard at work currently on Gran Turismo 7, have 13 current job openings at their studio they want you to know about.

The studio posted opportunity ads for thirteen new positions, including AI Engineer, Online Engineer, Graphics Engineer, Game Engine Development Engineers, Game Script Engineers, Sound Development Engineer, Data Engineer, Test Build Engineer, Pipeline Tool Development Engineer, Mobile Application Engineer, In-House Tool Development Engineer, Vehicle Simulation Development Engineer and Physics Engine Development Engineer.

These are some things to take away from the job ads, courtesy of DualShockers.

  • Polyphony wants to improve the situational awareness of AI drivers, and their reactions to the ever-changing conditions of the tracks, giving there a more human-like behavior.
  • Implementing specific regulations for racing series like GT, rally and NASCAR is mentioned, also for events and “mission races.”
  • Polyphony plans to implement a tool to render audio based on 3D space infomation.
  • The studio plans to implement a companion app on mobile that can interact with the series on PlayStation via the network.
  • The studio is collaborating with production sites around the world, and needs to develop communication tools to make the process smoother.
  • The use of GPU compute for physics is mentioned.



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