Blizzard recently released a spotlight video for their upcoming hero for Heroes of the Storm, Rexxar. Rexxar is the game’s first ranged warrior. Warriors typically were melee tanks that disrupt the enemy team with crowd-control abilities and act as a team’s frontline. Rexxar still serves this function, but uses Misha as a shield while pelting enemies with axes and other animals.

In addition to being the game’s first ranged warrior, Rexxar is unique because he is connected with his pet bear, Misha. Rexxar’s abilities directly control Misha during combat so it’s important to keep her safe.

By looking at Rexxar’s abilities, he will most likely be used to initiate fights and harass lane opponents. Spirit Swoop (Q) is good for harassing opponents and pushing lanes. Furthermore, Misha, Charge (W) and Unleash the Boars (R) are Rexxars main control-control abilities so they are good for initiating team fights or chasing down enemies.

Blizzard hasn’t given a release date for Rexxar, but given their previous hero releases, it shouldn’t be long. Keep checking Gamespresso for more Heroes of the Storm updates and announcements.

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