PS2 classics Ape Escape 2, Dark Cloud 2, and Twisted Metal: Black have been rated for the PlayStation 4 according to the Pan European Game Information Board.

Are PS2 classics finally coming to the PS4 as a response to the Xbox One’s backwards compatibility? Or is Sony working towards a collection of fan favorites from the era? Or maybe they’re simply headed to the PlayStation Now streaming service. No other details were included in the leak, but Sony’s Tokyo Game Show conference taking place tomorrow may offer up some more information regarding the titles (it wouldn’t be the only surprise that has been teased for the conference up until now).

Dark Cloud 2 (known as Dark Chronicle outside the U.S.) is available as a PS2 classic on the PlayStation 3 store but only in Europe. Dark Cloud 2 released in 2002, while Ape Escape 2 was originally released in 2001, as was Twisted Metal: Black.

All of the titles seem to be from franchises that haven’t been touched in a decent number of years from Sony. Are you interested in seeing these (and possibly other) PS2 classics on your PS4? Perhaps more importantly, do you think they would show up with trophy support?

I have strong feelings about Dark Cloud 2 – read all about them.

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