The artists over at Riot games released a series of academy-themed skins for League of Legends. The theme includes academy skins for Ahri, Ekko, Darius, and Vladimir. Each champion gets a new set of clothes as well as a crazy new hair style. In fact, the academy skins makes these champions look like they came straight out of an Anime.

Following the skin’s release, Riot posted an official memo from the dean of the academy, which states why each student was sent to detention.

Ahri broke a number of rules including texting in class, sticking gum on the water fountain, and charming other students into completing her assignments. Ekko on the other hand, used time warping to skip classes, trashed the gymnasium, and misused chemicals and electronic equipment.

As for Darius, he was caught bullying other students and possessing a deadly weapon. Also he dunked some students while playing ball. Vlad was sent to detention because he trailed mysterious red liquid all over campus.

Players can purchase the skins for 750 RP each in the League of Legends store.


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