Metal Gear Solid V Microtransactions

Metal Gear Solid V’s Microtransactions involving Online gameplay

Konami has revealed how it will incorporate microtransactions in the new Metal Gear Solid game. Of the two different types of online gameplay, only one will be effected. The Forward Operating Base online mode will be effected by these transactions. This is the mode where players can protect their base from invading players or vise versa.

The first Forward Operating Base will be given to players for free, but the others will be difficult to obtain. Players will need 1000 to 1200 Mother Base Coins (MBC). This information is based on a screen shot from Kotaku. According to Kotaku, “You’ll also be able to earn MB Coins through daily rewards, which you’ll get just for logging in…” It is still unclear if these coins can be earned more ways.


Spending money obviously seems like the quickest way to obtain all of the additional bases, but will it be worth it? Ten dollars could buy you one of several bases to choose from. There’s also a choice to pay $49.99, and I think that’s a little crazy. At this point I wouldn’t consider those microtransactions to be so “micro.”


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