Shortly after Apple’s recent press conference, Nvidia jumped on the opportunity to promote the Nvidia Shield, a device that is not too dissimilar from the new Apple TV in terms of gaming on the television with a simple, plug-in box. In promoting itself, however, the company also quickly took the opportunity to bash its competition as well. In an email to the press after the conference, Nvidia claimed that “the new Apple TV reaffirms the category of next-gen smart TV consoles–which Nvidia invented with the Shield Android TV.”

The company went further by creating a blog post which compares the new Apple TV with the Shield. The post is quite blatant and even comes across as rather rude in its flow-chart design. Like many advertisements that feature the competitor’s brand directly, there is a lot of misinformation and hiding here. At one point the author neglects to mention the cheaper option and only mentions the $200 model.

In its flow-chart, the company dismisses Apple TV a casual device for people that care little about performance and gaming, while also needlessly calling out Crossy Road, a popular game on iOS that Nvidia also misspelled in its original chart design (the chart has since been changed to say “I’m fine with iPhone games”).

The Nvidia Shield is available now for $200 while the new Apple TV is coming out in October for $149 (32 GB) and $199 (64 GB). For more on all things gaming, keep checking back with Gamespresso.

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