UPDATE: Here’s a video for the trailer officially:

Revealed for the first time ever in a GAMES convention in Dubai, Yoshinori Ono has revealed the next addition to the roster after teasing it yesterday with these images:

sfv-tornado-1 sfv-tornado-3

Introducing Rashid; a man in arabic garments and has a very fast and fluid attack style using gusts of winds, much like the ones that foreshadowed his arrival in the teaser images.


A better look at Rashid and his playstyle can be seen in clearer detail above with these tweets from attendees:

A very quick hitting and trickster character to be sure. There has yet to be an official statement regarding this brand new character, but expect us to cover it as soon as it is made by Capcom in due time. In the meanwhile, how do you feel about him? He gives me a very Juri cross El Fuerte vibe with some gusts and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for him.

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