The latest installment to the Halo franchise is nearly here, with Halo 5: Guardians launching on October 27th exclusively on Xbox One.

Microsoft have released more footage of the game, for purposes that can be described as no less than teasing. There’s almost five minutes of tantalizing campaign gameplay footage from the mission Swords of Sanghelios. Master Chief isn’t in this mission, so far, as you play as Fireteam Osiris led by Agent Locke; this is far from the whole mission.

The playthrough shows the mission as a solo player, with AIs to complete the fireteam (oh 343, you better bet we’re still bitter we’ve lost split screen). However, to truly appreciate the sacrifice of playing with your rubbish sibling/friend beside you, crank up the settings on the video to 1080p/60fps.

As a blog post on Xbox Wire and 343 Industries themselves have explained, Halo 5 will use a ‘progressive resolution system’ that allows the resolution – in the campaign at least – to stay locked at 60fps. The game looks amazing, really.

Halo 5 has upped the scale on the environment too, which the footage shows off beautifully. You can catch a glimpse of the new movement abilities like the ground pound move.

Although you can pre-order Halo 5 now, starting from $59.99, October 27th can’t get here soon enough.

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