It’s the first Friday of September for Monster Hunters! That means another monthly article to detail the newest pack of free DLC for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate for the 3DS. This month, owners of the game will be able to pick up these new quests:

  • Challenge Quest 9 – Hunt a Seltas and Seltas Queen
  • Challenge Quest 13 – Hunt a Savage Deviljho and difficult Great Jaggi
  • Monster Fest 6 – Hunt a Tiger-Stripe Zamtrios
  • The Ultimate Gravios – Fight an Apex Gravios
  • Fan Club: Desert Training – Fight a Cephadrome to unlock Fan Club fans dual blades and Pep Squad gear for your Palico
  • An Unstoppable Rage – Fight a Raging Brachydios
  • Sacred Wind – Fight an Orochi Kirin
  • Bombs over Gogmazios –  Hunt a Gogmazio to get GX Amatsu armor
  • To Victory and Beyond –  Hunt an Akantor
  • The Crimson Shah – Hunt a Shah Dalamadur
  • Guild Card titles and scenes
  • Downloadable Thievery Palico

Lots more free DLC content well after the games release, how could you go wrong? You can still snag some of the older DLC packs that have already gone by for free too. The standouts for this pack is definitely the GX Amatsu armor and the Pep Squad gear to make your Palico look like Jotaro! Super pumped to get into it!

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