We continue to see more and more mods being made for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V. Now, we have a Star Wars themed mod bringing ships and vehicles from the series to Los Santos.

A video featuring the mod has been uploaded thanks to YouTube user TwoDynamic (seen below). The video shows off features of the mod, the highlight of which is the Imperial Star Destroyer soaring above Los Santos. Also shown is an X34 Landspeeder and a Speeder-Bike, both of which can be used to speed around the streets of Los Santos.

Instructions on how to download the mods is in the video’s description. Be cautious, however. Mods have been known to distribute malware, so be careful.

Star Wars is just one of a number of mods that have been released for Grand Theft Auto V. Other mods include KITT from Knight Rider, and the ability to play as Iron Man.

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