Tango Fiesta has left Early Access today.  The game was fully released during a talk by the developers at Eurogamer Expo. The four player top down cooperative shooter had been in Early Access for just over a year now, but has left those shores now and set sail onto the grand ocean of full release.

The 80s inspired title features chaotic four person action on a number of levels with characters all taking inspiration from the 1980s action movies. According to Spilt Milk Studios designer, Andrew Smith, it has guns, bullets and a lot of explosions.

“Creative Assembly and EGX had a gamejam at the Rezzed show here in 2013.  The theme was the 80s.  We had 8 hours to make a game and we did.” He explained. “We have been on early access for over a year now and at 4:30 it will be going live during a talk that I’ll be doing.”

The full version of the game is on display at EGX for up to four people to play. The game is available on Windows PC and Mac, with a Linux version being planned for release. He hopes that the game will do well on PC, and that it could lead to a console release.

“I think that if the public love the game then there’s no reason to think that [a console release] won’t happen.”

With Steam Workshop support planned too it looks like the developers are hoping this game will have a long lasting appeal, much like the 80s. Tango Fiesta is available to buy on Steam for Mac and Windows right now.

Are you a fan of 80s inspired games?  What would you like to see from this kind of game?  Let us know in the comments below.

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