Last season’s North American Collegiate Championship was a hit with students, and Riot is bringing it back this year.

One difference is that instead of allowing an unlimited amount of schools to participate, they are holding qualifiers, only having the top 32 teams fight for the championship title.

Qualifiers start in November, with 8 teams representing 4 North American regions: Easter, Western, Southern and Northern. From January to February 2016, each team will face off, crowning a victor per region. The 4 teams will then face off in April at the 2016 NACC Final.

Each player who earns a spot in the 2016 Regular Season, whether they end in first place or 32nd place, will take home a scholarship. The amounts are as follows:


If you would like to try your hand, registration opens on October 5th. Go to to look for the announcement.


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