From Jonathan Blow, the mind behind the indie darling Braid, The Witness is an open world puzzle game coming to PS4 and PC. Though announced all the way back at original the PS4 reveal event, we finally have a release date for the game, January 26th, 2016.

Originally meant to be a launch window game for the PS4, Jonathan Blow took to the PlayStation Blog, explaining, “When we started making this game, I figured it would have between 8 and 12 hours of playtime. As it happens, the game we’ve finally built is around 10 times as big as that.” For completionists, Blow says its possible to spend anywhere from 80-100 hours with The Witness. For those not as willing to invest quite that amount of time, Blow continued saying, “the game’s still got plenty for you.”

Until January, the team is mainly fixing bugs and “refining the feel of play.” With the January release just around the corner, look for more news and impressions of The Witness in the months to come.

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