This could be a dream come true for any hardcore World of Warcraft cosplayer, or even just a fan wanting to expand a Warcraft collection, but Finnish gamer and Thingiverse user Ceravyn has created the ultimate prop from the game using 3D printing techniques. Sara recreated the Warhammer of Blackhand the Destroyer, former Warchief of the Horde in the original timeline and Blackrock Foundry boss in the alternate timeline, using PETG filament which is a modified thermoplastic polymer resin which is better explained by the folks over at who explain more about the hammer in depth.

“I chose this item as the first test model simply because I only own red PETG at the moment so the glow had to be reddish or orange and the hammer wielded by Blackhand seemed like a perfect test piece. It is also a decorative item, fan-art, cool thing to own if you’re fan of the game, and just a fun thing to print and build – including different printing materials, little bit of electronics and surface finishing with paints it has a bit more challenge to complete than a simple PLA print,” explained Sara of her project choice.


The Hammer also has LEDs installed inside to give it the glow that we recognise from ingame.


Hopefully Sara has opened the door to many more amazing creations, not just for World of Warcraft, but for anyone with access to 3D printing.

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