Creative Assembly and Sega released a “let’s play” gameplay video demonstrating their upcoming strategy PC game “Total War: Warhammer”.

Showing off one of the early battles in the game from the view of the Dwarfen race, the very impressive video shows how the game operates as a Dwarfen force lead by the High King Thogrim Grudgebearer is waging war on a Greenskin horde after being ambushed in the vast tunnels of the Underway.

One of the four main playable races, the Dwarfs have a different playstyle than the others, much like other Total War games.

“They are sturdy warriors and ingenious engineers, the detail and scale of the cavernous underground cities, or Dwarfholds, they inhabit reflects this,” says Sega. “Dwarfs foster a defensive playstyle, and this can be seen here as they use stout melee troops and powerful artillery to fend off the Greenskin ambush from all angles.”

Total War: Warhammer will be available on PC, although no release date has been confirmed.

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