Fancy seeing a piece of yourself inside a game?

Well, publisher 2K Games and developer Gearbox Software recently announced a competition for fans to create a taunt for the characters in their yet-to-be-released Battleborn.

Battleborn is a shooting game set in the future, with 25 playable characters. The story mode has split-screen support (although you can go it alone if you want). There’s a competitive multiplayer mode too and online co-op. It’s due to launch on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in February next year.

You can submit an entry by posting a video on any popular social media platform, YouTube or Vine for example, of you performing a taunt of your own design for any of the Battleborn characters that have been released so far. As long as your idea is original, isn’t offensive and gets the thumbs up from a team from Gearbox, your very own taunt will be animated and put into the game.

They’re judging the entries based on ‘creativity, originality, and presentation’ as well as the usual checks for copyrighted materials. Check out the post for more details on the competition and all the rules.

The gif below should give you some ideas…

The contest ends on September 10th so get taunting!

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