The dinosaur game Ark: Survival Evolved has now sold over 2 million copies – up 1 million more from their sales in just back in July – as revealed co-founder Jesse Rapczak on a Reddit Ask Me Anything session.

Developers Studio Wildcard have done an amazing job to have reached these sales numbers, given that the game isn’t actually finished yet. The dino-survival is still in Steam Early Access on PC, with the full game not set for release until summer next year.

It is supposedly going to be available on Xbox One this winter through the Game Preview program, with the full version of Ark: Survival Evolved due to launch on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in summer 2016 as well.

Ark is priced at $30 on Steam, meaning that it has theoretically earned around $60 million in revenue since launching on Early Access. (It has been discounted through Steam sales, though).

The game has been praised for its massive scale, and the taming/ riding of dinosaurs in a huge living ecosystem makes it a great game to play. Just recently the devs have introduced new maps, with swamp and snow themes, to play in.


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