Despite a failed kickstarter, Poncho, an indie platformer for PC and Playstation 4, will be released this Tuesday, Nov. 3rd.

Poncho is a bit of an oddball game. Boasting a tagline, “Like nothing seen before in games,” you play as a robot named Poncho searching for his creator, despite humanity having ended a long time ago.  Unlike most side scrolling platforms, there are no levels,  objectives, or otherwise. You are dropped in a forest in which you can go any direction you please. In addition, you can hop between backgrounds and foreground platforms.

Despite its interesting premise and style, the game saw failure during its kickstarter a little over a year ago, an endeavor outlined by one of the creators, Danny Hayes, here. Despite this, in May of this year, Poncho was picked up by Rising Star Games, a producer known for localizing Japanese games in Europe, including titles such as Deadly Premonition and No More Heroes.

Poncho will be available this Tuesday on Steam and PlayStation 4, and will be released later on PlayStation Vita and Wii U.


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