In a recent announcement by Bungie and Activision, the massive online shooter Destiny is getting microtransactions. This comes with a new premium currency, Silver, which players can use at a new vendor stand to purchase emotes and skins for their Sparrows. This was done as part of a new initiative with the game involving releasing free story content over the next few months.

But for those players who’d rather not bother with dishing out actual money, Bungie is willing to meet them halfway. As part of the Bungie Weekly Update, they stated that not only will all players get some free Silver, but everyone playing Destiny sometime between now and December will receive some extra Silver when this update goes live on October 13th.

There are still some details that Bungie has to address. How much Silver the players will get, pricing details of said Silver? Will this currency expand to other areas other than just the cosmetic? Answers should be coming in just a few short days.

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