Extreme Consoles, a UK based company, recently showed off its most recent creation. They have created a Star Wars themed Xbox One controller.

The controller is based off of a Sormtrooper’s helmet. The controller even impressed the boss of Xbox, Phil Spencer, who re-tweeted the design. This doesn’t necessarily mean anything, but it’s still interesting.

The design has the eyes of the Stormtrooper in the same place as the left thumbstick and the and the B and X buttons, while the mouth appears just below the D-pad and right thumbstick. Check it out below:


Extreme Consoles sells its products over eBay and Etsy, or customers can place a direct order. Check out their website here.

The Star Wars Battlefront is currently taking place and will run through October 12th. The game will launch in November on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Xbox does not currently have an official Star Wars themed controller or console coming out, but PlayStation will have a bundle out for Star Wars Battlefront selling for $450.

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