All versions of Fallout 4 will support pre-loading, Bethesda have confirmed.

Pete Hines, Bethesda’s chief marketing executive announced the support for pre-loading via Twitter earlier today, writing that they should be “available a few days before launch day.” You can find the exact tweet further down in this article.

Unfortunately, the exact date for Fallout 4 pre-loading wasn’t given beyond the above vague statement of “a few days before,” so we can at least look forward to scouring dashboards and steam libraries ahead of November 10 when it officially unlocks for play.

In other pre-launch news, players looking for a whole lot of Fallout should pre order the Xbox One version, which gifts Fallout 3 to any player to be available via the upcoming backwards compatibility push for Microsoft’s platform. PlayStation owners, meanwhile, pick up a nice PlayStation theme instead. PC pre-orders come with a Mister Handy announcer pack for DOTA 2; good news if you’re a DOTA fan, thankless if not.

And if you’re hankering for a real taste of the Wasteland ahead of November, why not read up on the upcoming Fallout-themed beer that’s on the way from Carlsberg?

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