Rockstar have announced the next update for the ever-expanding Grand Theft Auto Online.

The “Lowriders” update for Grand Theft Auto Online brings with it new lowrider vehicles, customization options and the usual slew of new weapons and outfits to mess around with.

Players will initially pick from six customizable lowriders on their in-game phone before heading into new store Benny’s Original Motor Works, heart of the new update. Here, players can pick from a “huge range” of lowrider customization options for their fresh wheels. They can mix and match from new engine covers and filters and new interior options like leather or your own custom designs.


You can also add a new steering wheel with custom shift levers, and in true lowrider style, tune up the car of your dreams with new speakers and subwoofers and hydraulics to flick the front end in the air.

To capitalise on this new customization, players will be able to open up their car’s hood, trunk and doors while in or outside it to show it off in full pimp my ride fashion.

The more conventional updates includes new missions from Lamar, more weapons like the machete and machine pistol in Ammu-Nation and more clothing, hair and accessory options, not to mention three new Adversary modes.

Lowriders will land on current-gen consoles and PC October 20, sticking with Rockstar’s focus on new-generation content.

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