What was meant to just be a small patch for Dota 2 turned out to contain the most holiest of trolls. Discovered through the Steam Database; a small ‘hl3.txt‘ file containing the deepest darkest of secrets. Bits of teased information regarding Half Life 3 and it’s enigmatic existence. There is no solidified reason as to why these files exist on a patch for Dota 2.

Alongside this text file, there were 2 more discovered: “rpg.txt” and “ae_basenpc.txt“. These files are linked to the developmental tools that would be implemented in the game and affects vehicles, squad and NPC behaviours as well as ziplines and quests.

Keep your tin foil hats on, there’s no real evidence that these do belong to the full game or if it signifies its coming. The dreamers in us can still hope. 2015 has been the year of the impossible announcements. Half Life 3 would be the perfect cherry to top off the year.

For the skeptics? Well, just brush it off as Valve trolling with the fan base as it often does and carry on your merry way.

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