Xbox One owners are having quite a celebration with the release of Halo 5 this week. 343 Industry’s continuing story of Master Chief’s fight against the Forerunners has been getting great reviews and passionate praise by its fans. But one thing that is quite surprising is how the technical side of things is something remarkable.

Once again Digital Foundry gave their in-depth scrutiny to the game and one of the major areas it excelled was in the very crucial framerate department. The entire campaign maintains 60 FPS with almost no noticeable dips all thanks to the use of dynamic resolution. Normally when too much is happening on a technical level for a game, the framerate drops, but instead the resolution ebbs and flows in order to keep the strain off of crucial performance, which hardcore fans of the game’s multiplayer should be thankful.

It’s a very impressive trick but it has lead to some odd problems. Due to the dynamic resolution, the game never truly runs at full 1080p HD and there is some wonky issues with texture filtering and half-rate animations along with some AI problems. But for a game that could have easily just been Halo 4 but with prettier pictures, it’s nice to know that this latest outing focused on what mattered.

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