A large part of Halo – or any online co-operative game – is establishing social circles within the community. Getting friends, and becoming part of something else, is what makes the online gaming community so rewarding.

This time 343 industries is encouraging Halo 5 players by creating Spartan Companies. The group allows for up to 100 players to join one company, and encourages a sense of community within the game.

You can only be a part of one company at a time, but if you join (or create) a company, you’ll get a free REQ pack. A company must have 4 or more members to be counted for the free REQ pack. The company you are a part of will have private forums on Halo Waypoint, so you can talk with one another and check out each others stats.

Halo 5: Guardians launches October 27th for the Xbox One.

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