It was announced that the classic Day of the Tentacle was in for a remastering. Yesterday was the first little snippits of the remastering job over at Double Fine. You can have a gander of all the currently revealed pictures of the Remastered version here:





Here’s a comparison of one of the shots with the original, so you can have a point of reference:


It’s almost like Bernard is happy with the remastering job. I’m with him there. The remastered version of one of my favorite point ‘n’ click adventure games is looking spectacular. The colors are vibrant and are a lot smoother and everything looks to remain faithful to the original look.

The team in charge of this project over at Double Fine will be showcasing Day of the Tentacle Remastered to all attendees of Indiecade which will be running throughout this weekend over in Los Angeles.

It was confirmed that alongside the remastering job, this version of the game will have a remastered audio and ‘special features’ that have yet to be revealed.

I’m absolutely tickled by the new look! This game was the gateway drug into my love for point ‘n’ click adventure games! Now I’m just hoping someone somewhere will remaster Simon the Sorcerer or even Discworld!

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