The new Heroes of the Storm patch includes a new hero and various visual updates, but some players may still be unhappy.

There are plenty of updates that you can find here, but I will highlight some of the more important notes below.

The new character is Morales, a support/medic type hero from the Starcraft games. Taking a brief look at her skills, it seems players will be focused on healing and buffing when playing as her, though they will also have knockback ability to help protect themselves.

There will also now be surveys at the end of most matches where you will vote on a 5-rating on questions pertaining to your experience in the match.

Finally, in a bizarre, but logical twist, any computers with less than 2.5GB of Ram, or any computers running a 32-bit operating system, will be locked at the medium graphics setting, regardless of your actual components. The reasoning behind this is pretty simple. If you don’t have enough Ram, the game doesn’t run well. Some players with more than capable machines may have to find some workarounds to take advantage of the high and ultra graphics settings, though.


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