According to this New Yorker article, Hideo Kojima had left both Konami and Kojima Productions. One attendee to his supposed farewell (who wishes to remain nameless) told New Yorker that it was a cheerful and emotional goodbye, with neither the President or CEO of Konami present.

Gamespot reached out to receive comment on the issue, and a spokesperson from Konami said that Kojima was still listed as an employee for the company. According to the spokesperson, its normal for developers to take extended leave after finishing a game, as fatigue builds up.

An image has since started circulating Twitter that is a photo of Kojima’s farewell. The company is still insisting that he hasn’t left, and they aren’t sure what the farewell was all about.

The 29 year agreement between Konami and Kojima Productions is still up in the air for the moment, and its heavily rumoured that Hideo Kojima is under a non-compete clause until December.

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