Guyer High School Wildcat Marching Band from Texas has welcomed itself into the 21st century by performing scores from popular (once considered nerdy) mediums of entertainment.

The Golden Triangle Classic is a marching band competition held in Delton, Texas hosted by Delton High School. The competition is for the district, those placing well will move on to regionals, and then nationals.

Guyer High School Band has an official website, including a marching band section. The marching band is known for touring around to competitions, as well as entertaining at every varsity football game for the high school, including the playoffs.

Bungie, the developers of Destiny, caught wind of the stellar performance at the Golden Triangle Classic, and sent out a tweet regarding it.


Besides the website, you can check out more of the Delton High School’s music program on their YouTube page. They have a video uploaded as well of their orchestra performing score from The Dark Knight Rises.

Take a look at the marching band performing Destiny below.

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