Staring in October of 2014, Final Fantasy XIII saw a PC release on Steam, a move by Square Enix to spread more of the Fabula Nova Crystallis love to a newer audience. Final Fantasy XIII-2 came out 2 months later that year. Now, the third entry in the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy has been given a vague release date by Square Enix producer Yoshinori Kitase over Twitter.

Loose translation:

Kitase-P here. This is an announcement regarding the PC version for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. We’re currently putting together the final touches to complete the final product soon. At the current rate, it is predicted for a release sometime in December. Although we had anticipated a fall release for the title, we had to delay it and force you to keep waiting. We’re sorry to keep you waiting. When we have more details, we’ll report it soon.

There you have it, the release date for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is sometime in December. We’ll report on the solidified date when it comes out. Are you keen on the XIII series? It’s stirred up a lot of controversy both with its original release and the messy releases for the two prior PC ports. Hopefully third time’s a charm!

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