Today, the Dota 2 world mourns. The current line up of professional Dota 2 eSports team Natus Vincere (Na’Vi) has officially been disbanded according to the Na’Vi homepage. The legendary team that thrived for 5 years and claimed the crown for the very first The International Championships back in 2011. A crown that netted the team fame and a million dollar slice of the prize pool.

Unfortunately, while the team still played some wild and memorable games, their final results in current times has been less than stellar. After missing their chance to qualify for the Frankfurt Fall Major 2015, it was time to let the team go. The current line up that had been disbanded were Dendi, XBOCT, Funn1k, SoNNeikO and PSM.

Na’Vi has made it clear that the team is still very much in the Dota 2 game and will be looking into creating a brand new team. It is also teased that “you may get to see the re-emergence of some familiar faces in the scene”.

I’ll always remember the glorious million dollar dreamcoil, the fountain hooks and the insane Io saves. I can’t wait to see the original roster spread out and redevelop their Dota 2 prowess!


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