Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is definitely a huge deal for Naught Dogs. The game marks the end of Nathan Drake’s adventures, a character and universe they’ve had the pleasure of creating and developing for almost 10 years. They’ve taken so much care into this last send-off for Nathan, that they delayed the launch of the game just to make sure the ending of the game had enough closure. In an interview with the Official Playstation Magazine, co-director Neil Druckmann gives his thoughts on Uncharted 4.

“We get more and more that feeling of this definitely [being] the end of an era for us as a studio. We’ve been with this franchise for almost ten years now from inception all the way to this point. Luckily, we don’t get too much time to dwell on that feeling because we’re so busy, but every once in a while… you know? I remember when Bruce and I came onto the project. A few weeks later we pitched a pretty new story to the team, kind of like a new direction for the project. A lot of things were pretty rough and just slotted in, so there was an ending but it wasn’t as well defined, and at some point we defined more of the [plot] thread and a more definitive ending, and we did a second pitch for the team.”

He later on continued: “You could tell people in the room were just getting emotional as we were discussing the specifics of how this series is going to end. That was one of those moments where you felt the excitement and anticipation for our fans to experience this, but a little bit of sadness because it’s ending. The other day we finished motion capture with Emily Rose (Elena) and Richard McGonagle (Sully), and some people got teary-eyed in the room because they’ve been part of this project for many, many years now and it’s wrapping up.”

While Nathan Drake’s adventures might be coming to a close, the series does still hold some promise. Naughty Dogs has revealed that 80% of PS4 owners have never played an Uncharted game. With the recent release of The Nathan Drake Collection, hopefully that can draw people into the series before Uncharted 4 releases on March 18th, 2016.

Source: GamesRadar

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