Neverwinter on Xbox One is set to get the next expansion in November, Perfect World has announced.

Strongholds will be the seventh expansion for the title, and was released on the PC version back in August.

Strongholds will add the “largest in-game map” to date to Neverwinter and will play hos to a new competitive mode called Stronghold Siege.  The mode is similar to that of a MOBA.  Two teams of 20 will fight across three lanes to try and reach the enemy’s guild hall.

Neverwinter was first released on the PC in 2013, with the Xbox One version being released in March 2015.  The console version has been catching up with the PC’s updates, though console versions of PC titles are usually behind on the latest content.

It is set to release on November 3rd for Xbox One players.

Are you a fan of Neverwinter?  Do you prefer the console or PC version?  Let us know in the comments below.

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