In the tabletop and RPG community, White Wolf, the company behind the World of Darkness series, was acquired by the Swedish publisher, Paradox Interactive, as well as all of its parent and CCP games.  Paradox Interactive is most notably known for the strategy based Europa Universalis and Crusader Kings.

“We have great respect for White Wolf’s gaming worlds and see big opportunities for their expansion in the future under our new subsidiary,” says Paradox’s president, Fredrick Wester.  While under the management of Paradox, White Wolf will be acquiring a subsidiary studio that will still operate independently from its buyer.

The last White Wolf ever published anything new of their gaming books was back in 2013 with their “The God Machine Chronicle” which operated as a source book and rule revision for the World of Darkness universe.  In 2004, with Troika Games and Activision for Microsoft Windows, White Wolf produced Vampire: The Masquerade- Bloodlines, an action RPG which received praises from critics such as GameZone and G4 TV.

White Wolf executive, Tobias Sjorgren, speaks in support of this “all-cash deal”, saying, “The White Wolf IPs are well suited for all kinds of media and we see great potential to expand them in the future,” as well as, “I look forward to bringing my experience to bear as we pursue new ways to interact with White Wolf’s universes.”