Sony has today revealed a price drop for the PS4 in both Australia and the UK, following shortly after the announcement of a price drop for both the U.S. and Canada.

Just this morning Sony announced the price drop in both regions, now setting the price for a standard 500GB Playstation 4 at £299.99 in the UK and AUD$480 in Australia. Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Boss Jim Ryan commented in the press release from Sony this morning stating that the Australia price cut would make the PS4 “more accessible to a broader audience in Europe”.

It should be noted that the aforementioned price drop will affect only the standard 500GB model of the PS4 and not the 1TB model, which will remain at AUD$549.95. The price drop also arrives right after the launch of the 3.0 software update for the PS4, and more importantly, right before the holiday season.

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