PS4 update 3.10 began rolling out to users today, but if you don’t look closely, you might not even realize it happened.

The new firmware update brings minor updates to the PS4 compared to the previous 3.0 update. 3.10 introduces new stickers to the messaging application from more Sony titles including The Last of Us, God of War, Journey and more.

Additionally, the update allows you to keep track of verified accounts on PSN in the form of developers and companies behind your favorite games.

“You can now follow verified accounts of games as well as verified accounts of people and companies that are associated with games. When you follow these accounts, you can keep track of their activities in [What’s New]. Select [Follow] in the profile screen of the verified account,” Sony writes in the post update.

Other than that, update 3.10 doesn’t bring a whole lot to the table for the PS4.

Last month’s 3.0 update brought a much larger list of new features to your Sony console, including events happening for your favorite games, communities to join and share with players of similar games, the ability to broadcast your play session to YouTube, the chance to upload 10-second video clips to Twitter and a whole lot more. Read all of the features included in update 3.0 right here.

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