Developer Panic Button announced in a post on the PlayStation Blog that the PlayStation 4 version of dinosaur shooter Primal Carnage: Extinction will be launched on October 20th, with no pricing revealed so far. This neatly coincides with International Dinosaur Month (which is, you know, not actually a joke) and though I’m not sure that a shooter involving the destruction of dinosaurs is the best way to celebrate, we shall celebrate nonetheless.

The game was released on PC earlier this year, and it is basically you playing either as your favorite dinosaur or as a mercenary. Gameplay means you have to ‘bite/claw/douse-with-poisonous-spit members of the opposing team’ in a bunch of different game modes.

The modes are – as explained by Panic Button:

  • Team Deathmatch — (un)Traditional dino-versus-human team-based multiplayer in unique battle arenas.
  • Get to the Chopper — Control key parts of the map in this objective-based game mode, ultimately unlocking the escape helicopter and the Tyrant dinosaur that will try to stop it.
  • Survival — Play solo or co-op through wave after wave of AI dinos.
  • Free Roam — For those who want to strut their dino-might without the pressure of timers or kill counts.

You can play online or offline, with a squad of up to 16 players; with your PS4 controller or with PS Vita Remote play.

There are 5 different types of dinosaur (this is not something I get to say everyday) which you can play as, each with their own features for combat. And because I know you’re all thinking it, yes. You can play a FPS as a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Alternatively, you can choose from the 5 different human classes too. They have the usual class specs that you would expect, some for close combat, some for sniping and then, my personal favorite, ‘The Pyro – because fire’.

So happy celebrating Dinosaur Month, with Primal Carnage: Extinction coming to the PS4 on October 20th.

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