A recent mod for the PC version of Resident Evil allows the return of the original game’s voice acting.

For those who weren’t around to witness the original 1996 classic, Resident Evil made strides in survival horror gaming that still hold up today as pillars of the genre. In fact, withholding the Clock Tower series that wouldn’t see its first US release until later that year, it was more or less our first taste of the genre. It also had horrendous voice acting that remains in infamy to this day.

When the Gamecube version of Resident Evil came out, the voice acting was redone to be more professional. As such, that was the version of the game’s audio that made it to this year’s Resident Evil HD Remaster. Fortunately for all of us nostalgic fans and curious newcomers, a member of the Resident Evil modding community, Bunny, has painstakingly added in the original audio for everyone to enjoy.

The mod is available on the Resident Evil Modding Forum, but please be aware of the risks that come with modding a game.

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