Video game publisher Gaijinworks, known for its localization of Japanese niche titles to Western markets,  illustrates once again its unique connection and appreciation for fan input regarding the upcoming title Summon Night 5.  Earlier this year, the publisher provided fans the opportunity to select the artwork for the game’s Universal Media Disc (UMD – here).  Building upon this fan interaction and hoping to spread word of the game’s later release this year, the publisher now offers fans of the original 2013 Japan only title a chance to save money through retweeting an ad posted via the publisher’s twitter account.  Originally slated at $34.99 through the PlayStation Network, the price of the video game will drop by $1 for every milestone hit as listed by the publisher until $28.99.  Prices and milestones for the retweet to discount ad campaign are listed below:

  • 250 Retweets: $33.99
  • 500 Retweets: $32.99
  • 1,000 Retweets: $31.99
  • 2,000 Retweets: $30.99
  • 4,000 Retweets: $29.99
  •  5,000 Retweets: $28.99

As of writing this article on October 22, 2015 at 3:15 Pacific Time, 2,062 retweets lower Summon Night 5’s cost for players who choose to purchase the game through the PlayStation Network to a sweet price of $30.99.

For players who opted to buy the digital and physical bundle of the game during an earlier presale this year, Gaijinworks reiterates the content included in the bundle will allow collectors to play the game in digital form without having to open the game’s box.  Materials included in the bundle are as follows:

  • Case with multi-sided cover insert
  • UMD with custom art
  • Full-color game manual
  • Giant 14″x19″ poster
  • Full Summon Night 5 Original Soundtrack CD (OST)
  • North American PSN (only) digital download code, good for a free download
  • Serial Numbered Holographic Seal


What are your thoughts on Gaijinworks’ approach to advertising Summon Night 5?  Will the interactivity of the publisher’s actions successfully appeal to gamers who have long desired an English localization of the title? Will the game’s lowering price attract newcomers to the series? Comment below and let your thoughts be heard!

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