The beta will be available only to those who have pre-purchased the game. The first beta began yesterday, October 30th, and will continue Monday, November 2nd. If you aren’t able to play it this weekend, don’t lose hope because there will be at least a second beta before the game comes out.

According to GameSpot, “Nvizzio describes this as a “technical demo focusing on our coaster building system” that “”will show tycoons just a small taste of the sandbox experience and great parks you will be able to build when the game launches.””

In the spirit of Halloween, all the peeps that enter the parks will be ghosts.

The official RollerCoaster Tycoon blog states, “please keep in mind that we have not completed our final optimization pass, as this is typically reserved for the phase of development that we are now entering. This means that it’s possible that you may not always have an optimal frame-rate depending on your hardware configuration. By playing the Beta you will actually be helping us optimize RCTW, as we’re using in-game tools and Steam to collect hardware configurations to help us tweak the final game. Additionally, we are working with our compatibility lab as well as graphics card manufacturers on a daily basis to improve framerates and visuals. You can find updated system requirements on our Steam Page for the game.”

There will be a coaster contest available to those who are playing the beta. To enter, you are required to record a 1 minute video, and ” post the video on the RCTW Alienware Arena page here:, and you will be entered to WIN AN ALIENWARE STEAM MACHINE!” The top 10 runner-ups will receive RCTW t-shirt. Participants must enter by November 6th.

RollerCoaster Tycoon World will be released on December 10th 2015. It will only be available for PC. Two videos will be posted below, for those of you who are interested in the game, and the beta.


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