The latest update for Xbox One’s free-to-play game Smite was released yesterday, and with it comes a whole host of new features (that were brought to PC earlier in the month).

Most notably, the patch features a new character called Sol, who is a ranged Mage. Her abilities include self-healing and escaping; her speed and attack power build up as you attack. Sol is pretty powerful, so expect to be seeing her as a regular in the Arena!

Some characters have seen changes to their attack and abilities, which you’ll have to get used to in order to use them effectively in battles. Khepri’s Ultimate doesn’t block executes anymore, but there is also no cooldown if it didn’t fire. Sobeck’s Ultimate has been bumped up, so that he slows more and has more protection, as well as the mana cost for his two abilities seeing a cut. Zhong Kui has greater health and magical protection, whereas Tian’s Ultimate does less damage.

Even Zues is being altered, with his Chain Lighting having its damage lessened and can be used less often; his Ultimate doesn’t keep him rooted when casting. He does get a new ability out of this patch, though, called Aegis Assault -he straight up pulls a Captain America by having a shield that he is able to throw and hit again to inflict more damage.

The main menu has been redesigned into tiles, where you can find the latest patch notes. Just like it has been on PC for a while now, you can refer-a-friend to unlock skins, achievements, voice packs and more.

You probably won’t be surprised to hear that there’s also a Halloween themed Arena map. It’s the same except there are pumpkin masks, zombies and other homages to the holiday.

For the full patch notes, you can go to the Smite website or check it out in-game.