While Horizon: Zero Dawn is not set to release until sometime in 2016, Sony has already hinted that the company has plans to use the game as inspiration for additional products, such as toys, apparels, collectables and more.

Licensing Manager David Evans called Horizon: Zero Dawn an “incredible licensing opportunity.”

“The epic feel of the game, its breathtaking visuals, strong character development, imaginative combat sequences, and the marketing weight of the PS4 release all combine to make this a hot property for 2016,” Evans said in an interview with Licensing.biz. “Guerrilla Games have created a lush post-apocalyptic world that players simply won’t want to leave and licensed merchandise offers consumers a way to extend that extraordinary experience into their everyday lives.”

While merch for the upcoming title developed by Guerrilla Games is on its way, players are already anxious for the game’s release. Originally announced at this year’s E3 Sony press conference, the game is the studio’s first large foray into a property since Killzone.

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